Telecommunications Consultation

At Telco Ltd., our telecommunications consultants are not "mere" salespeople; they are Solution Providers. What's the difference? At Telco Ltd., we understand the importance of getting the right solution for your needs and we make this our primary goal, rather than attempting to "squeeze" you into a mold that may not be a good fit. We take the long view and understand that your overall satisfaction is paramount.

Whether you are primarily concerned with a telephone system or related communications products, dialtone and data services, or just need help integrating everything together, we can help! What makes Telco Ltd. the right company to consult with for your telecom needs?

  • Experience, Experience, Experience
    • Telco Ltd. has been in business since 1983
    • Telco Ltd. employees have over 125 years of combined telecom experience
    • Telco Ltd. employees have been with Telco Ltd. for an average of over 15 years
    • Telco Ltd. technicians and consultants stay up-to-date on all the latest technology and trends
    • We understand all the practical ins and outs of telecom & know how to ensure that things go smoothly, helping you to avoid hidden "gotchas"
  • Free needs analysis
    • There is no charge to sit with us, discuss your needs, and map out a plan. We'll even come to you!
    • Free, no-obligation, live demonstration of equipment as appropriate
  • Ongoing support
    • Our interest in your total satisfaction does not end at a sale. Our business is heavily dependent upon referrals from our satisfied customers, and we will work tirelessly to ensure that all of your needs are met on an ongoing basis.