PC/Telephone Integration

Today, more than ever, businesses are discovering that efficiency can increase dramatically when there is tight integration between a user's desk phone and PC computer. Direct outbound dialing from the company database, customer screen "pops" on inbound calls based on Caller ID, Unified Messaging (receiving emails and voice mails in one inbox), company-wide text messaging, and much, much more are at your command. ESI's flagship product for tying PC and phone together, VIP™, comes in several varieties depending upon each user's needs:

VIP™ and VIP™ Professional

With VIP™, you can manage your telephone calls, manage your voice mail, organize your contacts, log all your inbound and outbound calls, and quickly program your ESI desktop phone. With VIP™ Professional, you also get an enhanced, more informative user interface, secure text messaging, and compatibility with VIP™ PC Attendant Console, VIP™ ACD (Supervisor and Agent versions), and VIP™ Softphone.

VIP™ PC Attendant Console

Handling a large number of inbound calls can be a very challenging task for an attendant, especially when they have other additional duties to perform. With VIP™ PC Attendant Console, handling a large volume of calls is much easier due to advanced call handling capabilities, like the ability on-screen to drag-and-drop a caller into their destination. In addition to the other standard features of VIP™ And VIP™ Professional, VIP™ PC Attendant Console also continually displays incoming calls, holding calls, and up to 200 virtual buttons (to transfer callers to particular extensions or departments, and see whether users are on the phone, in Do Not Disturb, or out of the office).


Many businesses are able to see large productivity gains through the use of ACD, or Automatic Call Distribution, to efficiently and automatically route incoming calls to agents. With VIP™ ACD, users are more efficient still. There are two versions of VIP™ ACD:

  • VIP™ ACD Agent
    • Secure text messaging with other agents or a supervisor
    • Ability to see department status, including number of calls in queue and longest wait time
    • Agent contact list shows the name, number and color-coded status of other agents
    • Command buttons allow agents to easily access commonly-used ACD functions
  • VIP™ ACD Supervisor
    • Secure text messaging with all agents
    • Detailed status of each ACD department, including how many agents are logged into the queue, answered and abandoned calls, how many callers are in queue, longest wait time, service level, and more
    • Detailed status of each ACD agent, including whether logged in or out, whether on an active call, duration of active call, and Caller ID of each call (when available).
    • Ability to service observe (live monitor) any agent's call in progress with one click
    • Variety of summary and detail ACD reports

VIP™ Softphone

VIP™ Softphone combines the features of VIP™ Professional with the capabilities of an ESI desktop IP phone. In addition to all the features of VIP™ Professional, VIP™ Softphone has in addition the following features:

  • Zero-footprint phone; you can make and receive calls directly on your PC
  • Thirty virtual buttons provide access to extensions, departments, mailboxes and speed dial numbers. You can easily tell when office phone users are free, using their phone, or in Do Not Disturb or even out of the office.
  • Continuous visual indicator of network connection status to know at a glance whether you can expect proper VOIP performance
  • High-quality audio via a connected USB headset
  • Local or remote (off-premises) operation