Media Management


ESI Media Management is a hardware and software solution compatible with a properly-equipped IP Server 900 or Communications Server phone system that allows businesses to reduce many of the inherent risks in their organization. It brings together several optional types of monitoring for easy retrieval by an administrator through a single interface. These capabilities include:

  • Automatic call logging (recording)
    • Flexibly record all calls, or selected lines, departments or extensions
    • Search for calls based upon a user-friendly "drill-down" interface
    • Easily email or archive selected recordings
  • Video camera integration
    • View live video from compatible IP cameras, or use an approved IP adapter to integrate your existing analog security cameras
    • Easily search through and play back motion-detected recordings at your convenience
    • Compatible with ESI Presence Management RFID door phones
  • Detailed call information
    • Commonly known as SMDR data
    • Records details such as date and time of a call, phone number dialed or Caller ID, duration of the call, and which extension was involved with the call
  • Building access events
    • Works in conjunction with ESI Presence Management RFID security card/fob readers
    • Get entrance and exit times for each employee