• Business Telephone Systems

    Whether your business needs dictate a full IP PBX system, a more traditional digital office phone system, or you need to combine the two, you can take advantage of a flexible, feature-rich platform tailored to your needs that will grow with you. Our business phone system experts are available to provide you with a free needs analysis and make specific recommendations to improve your business communications.

    IP 900 Phone System with ESI-250 Business Android Smartphone
  • Media Management

    Know more. Reduce Risks. Manage better. Media Management is an all-in-one telephone system add-on that lets you access recordings of selected office phone calls and other call information, view security footage, and obtain reports of building access records.

    Media Management call recording and more
  • Computer/Telephone Integration

    With ESI's VIP™ software, you'll enjoy a high level of integration between your office phone system and your PC. Database dialing, screen "pops", call control, voice mail retrieval, and much more are at your command.

    Computer/telephone integration
  • Business Phone Models


All business phone systems and other products offered by Telco Ltd. are designed to give you maximum productivity while being among the easiest to use on the market. Our experts can help you choose the best telephone system configuration for your needs. Serving the Phoenix, AZ metro area.

Free needs analysis and demo

Business Telephone Systems
BUSINESS Telephone Systems

Maximize your productivity without sacrificing on ease-of-use. Choose the digital or VOIP office telephone system that's right for your business and that will grow with you.

Office Phone Systems

Unified Messaging
Unified Messaging

Receive email, voice mail, and fax transmissions in one mailbox. Take your communications with you wherever you go.

Unified Communications

Business VOIP solutions
Business VOIP Solutions

Learn about the multitude of ways you can leverage VOIP (Voice Over IP) in your business to make you more productive and reduce expenses.

Business VOIP

Bluetooth Integration
Bluetooth® integration

Use your favorite Bluetooth® headset with your office phone. Manage your cell calls and your business calls all from your desktop phone.

Bluetooth® Integration