Call Recording

  • Are you concerned about legal liability for business done over the phone?
  • Have you ever gotten off the phone and wished you had a recording of that call, after-the-fact?
  • Have you ever had a customer dispute that boils down to a "he-said, she-said" scenario?
  • Are you concerned that some sales opportunities may be slipping through the cracks?
  • Are you overwhelmed with regulatory requirements in your industry?
  • Would you like to increase order accuracy?
  • Would you like to enhance quality assurance and employee skill levels?
  • Would you like to detect phone abuse?

If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above, your business may be able to substantially benefit from call recording. Unlike with many call recording systems, which typically cost from $20,000 to $100,000 or more, you'll pay just a fraction of that with an ESI solution. In fact, our prices are among the lowest in the industry while having features that are among the most useful and easiest-to-use anywhere.

On-Demand Call Recording

On-demand call recording is available on all current ESI phone system models. It couldn't be simpler, because all current ESI office desk phone models have a built-in, dedicated Record button. This means that all users, whether using digital or IP phone models, whether in the office or in a remote location, can easily record a conversation (subject only to administrator restriction). Even ESI's cordless phone model, the ESI Cordless Handset II (digital or IP) is easily capable of one-touch recording.

The best part? This feature comes standard on all current ESI phone systems, at no additional charge.

Automatic Call Recording

It used to be that small businesses couldn't afford automatic call recording solutions because they were prohibitively expensive (prices started at tens of thousands of dollars). That is true no longer, thanks to ESI Media Management call recording. With ESI Media Management, the cost of entry into automatic call recording is a small fraction of systems provided by competitors. And ESI automatic call recording is a snap to maintain. Administrators can easily choose which lines, stations, and/or departments to automatically record, and change their minds as often as they wish. When recording extensions, users can optionally be provided with a Privacy button that allows them to opt out of a specific call being recorded. And it's effortless for an administrator to locate any recording based upon date/time, extension number, department number, line number, and more. Need to email or archive recordings? This is easily done from user-friendly PC software.

Whether your business could benefit from recording only a few calls per day, or tens of thousands, affordable, reliable call recording is now within reach via ESI Media Management.