Business Phone Systems

IP Server 900

The IP server 900 is a high-performance IP phone system designed for small-to-medium businesses with one or more sites. It features a highly flexible architecture that allows you to expand as needed. The IP Server 900 fits easily into existing networks and is as easy-to-use and -manage as it is flexible. An added bonus: it guards against obsolescence by supporting an impressive list of legacy equipment.

Communications Servers

Regardless of which model you select (they vary primarily by call-handling and voice message storage capacity), an ESI Communications Server will serve your needs now and for years to come. This fully flexible communications platform can support both digital telephony and IP-to-the-desktop in any desired combination.

C-Plus Executive

You may have a smaller business, but you still need plenty of big-business capabilities like full-featured voice mail, auto attendant, and conference-calling. And you wouldn't mind having a built-in help mode, too, so you wouldn't have to keep looking for the manual. Fortunately for you, there's the ESI C-Plus Executive. It may be just what your business needs.