Bluetooth® Integration

A challenge for today's workforce is balancing the need for mobility with the time and effort required to deal with various mobile devices. Here are two ways in which ESI and Telco Ltd. are bringing Bluetooth® technology to businesses to make things easier (available on properly-equipped ESI IP Server 900 or Communications Server phone system):

  • Bluetooth® headset compatibility
    • "Pair" your favorite Bluetooth®-enabled headset to your ESI desk phone for untethered communications
    • Works seamlessly whenever in range
    • ESI Bluetooth® Headset Adapter plugs unobtrusively into the back of your compatible ESI desk phone
  • ESI Cellular Management
    • Receive calls to your cell phone on your ESI desk phone while you are in the office; no more stress involved with having to juggle cell phone and office phone calls while you are at your desk
    • Works automatically when your cell phone is within range of your desk phone (when combined with an ECM, or ESI Cellular Management device)
    • Transfer incoming cell calls to an office extension with one touch; conference and record cell calls, and much more
    • Choose whether unanswered cell calls will go to your office voicemail while you are in the office, or keep cell voice mail separate
    • Optionally allow one or multiple employees to use the cell line as another outbound line (for example, to take advantage of free long distance if present on your cell plan)
    • Access your cell phone's voice dialing feature via your desk phone
    • Transfer a call back to your cell phone seamlessly while in mid-call